Use And Care

The following videos will show you how to use and care for your NutraEase® cookware.  Also see the Helpful Hints / Q&A section below the videos.

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Helpful Hints / Q&A

What is 316Ti Stainless Steel and why is it important to use as a material cookware?

The 316Ti stainless steel is a higher grade of Surgical Steel that is more resistant to deterioration that other grades of steel often used in cookware construction.  The (Ti) designates "with Titanium added" to the steel for extra strength and durability.  Where this material can be especially important is in areas where the type of cooking being done has high concentrations of salt in the recipes.  Undissolved salt left in the bottom of a pan manufactured with lesser grades of steel are more susceptible to pitting.  The 316Ti Stainless Steel is more resistant to pitting or deterioration of the metal.

Why are the NutraEase cookware sets manufactured in Italy?

The parent company Hy Cite has always had the philosophy of seeking out the most sophisticated and technologically advance manufacturers for the products offered to the distribution network.  For the cookware product category they have found the highest quality and most significant innovation offered from Italian manufacturing.

What benefits are there to having detachable handles?

Detachable handles are a great way to add versatility to your cookware set.  You can change between long and short handles on any cookware piece depending on the type of cooking you are doing.  The handles are also a great way to save space in storing a cookware product and take up less room in a dishwasher with the handles removed.  Other types of cookware have detachable handles, but many types are difficult to remove and may require special tools to do so.  Other brands of detachable handles also have unattractive exposed metal brackets that the handle affixes itself to in securing a position on the pan.  The consumer friendly, ergonomic German designed and manufactured NutraEase handles have the look of professional handle attachment complete with flame guard.  If the user did not see the conveniently place button on the top of the handle, one would think the handle might have a standard attachment as the overall appearance is not a give-a-way to the detachable feature.  While some manufacturers of detachable handle systems might cut costs by not offering a handle for every attachment point in a cookware set and instead suggest you can alternate handles between the multitude of brackets, this is not the case with the NutraEase. NutraEase provides a full compliment of handles for all pieces in a set.